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Grand American Employment

Forms Available for Download
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Employment of Individuals
the first 3 forms must be returned
Form I-9 must be filled out in person
Employment of
Groups / Organizations
fill out and return contract & W-9 only

2016 Grand American Employment Application
*fill out and return

2016 Group/Organization Fundraiser Contract
*fill out and return

2016 IRS Form W-4
*fill out and return

Sample of Group Organizer Responsibilities
2016 Form I-9 Dept of Homeland Security
*must be filled out in person
2016 ATA Brochure for Groups & Organizations
2016 Form W-9 Request for Taxpayer Id#
*fill out and return if paid as a contractor

2016 W-9 Form
*fill out and return if tax-exempt group

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PO Box 519
Sparta, IL  62286
Phone: 618-449-2224

Fax: 866-454-5198

To apply for a position, you must fill out and return the "2016 Grand American Employment Application" and the "2016 IRS Form W-4".

The "2016 Form I-9 Dept of Homeland Security" can only be filled out when you are able to show your Identification Materials in person.

The "2016 Form W-9 Request for Taxpayer Id#" has to be filled out by all groups/organizations and those that wish to be paid as a contractor.